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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Weatherstripping for Garage Doors

03/14/2015 Back To Blog

Garage doors malfunction all the time during the winter season. Sometimes, the drive system that directly pulls the panels to open your automated aluminum overhead doors gets stuck because of the cold. Other times the brackets freeze and break off, causing inconvenience to unsuspecting vehicles or victims. Weatherstripping really is important to ensure the smooth operation of your home set up and to protect you garage door parts from the cold, and that is why you should be smart when shopping for them.Common Mistakes to Avoid

Much like insulation, the point of this installation is to prevent temperature from seeping into your garage. Insulated garage doors often use polystyrene sheets or expanding polyurethane, usually between the front and back panels, to provide a barrier against the temperature outside. Weatherstripping works in the almost the same way, except that it covers the gap between the door and the opening of your domestic car closet. As a result, airflow is obstructed by the rubber material and the temperature inside is more stable and manageable.

Since the material acts like a stopper for the door and the opening of the garage, the damage it receives from being pressed together too tightly or getting snagged when hit by the vehicles or other objects from the garage cause brittleness. The caking and hardening of the rubber results in a degraded quality of the material that is unfit to blot out outside temperatures. Attempting to replace the same may result in damaging your garage door and even spending more to have someone actually fix it properly. 

Proper knowledge of weatherstripping will help reduce costs

You can do weatherstripping without paying the cost of an overpriced garage door repair by knowing what to do and having the proper equipment to go about your work. We at Garage Door Repair Chanhassen have technicians who can perform such garage door service because of years of training and experience on installation, repair, and parts replacement. Engaging our professional services will ensure that you get the weather proofing that you deserve at a reasonable price.