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Wouldn't you love a few tips about your overhead door and its maintenance? Here are the best ones

Learn more about springs and their dangers

Garage door springs can be dangerous. It's good to know what you're dealing with to take precautions. When the door is open, spring tension is in its minimum. Springs will break if you install a heavier door. Our contractors encourage you to learn more to avoid problems.

Pay attention to anything strange

If something is out of the ordinary, pay attention. It might only be a tiny garage door problem but then again you can never tell with certainty until the system is checked. Weird sounds, funny door behavior and peculiar door movement should alert you for possible problems.

Learn how to use your door opener’s release feature

The emergency release button of your Liftmaster or door opener is used to manually open your garage door. Our experts say that it is important to learn how to use this in case of a power failure or an emergency. Instructions are found on your manual.

Clean the tracks with a brake cleaner

This type of cleaner is very potent and safe at the same time. Still, it pays off to check the ingredients carefully just to be on the safe side. You should simply spray it on the tracks going from the top down. The foam will pick up all the sticky dirt and take it to the bottom. Use soft lint-free cloth to wipe the tracks clean and you are done.

Stay away from torsion springs with cycle life lower than 10,000

Even though there is not a formally set industry standard, The technicians of our comapny point out that this is the norm for components of good quality. A spring that can perform 10,000 cycles of one opening and one closing can last for about seven years on average. This is a pretty good useful life for a hardware component.