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Do you know why garage doors age? Find here the answers to all your questions

What is rolling code technology?

Garage door openers manufactured after 1993 are equipped with a number of safety features. Rolling code technology is among them. This technology provides your opener a total of 256 different codes, which it switches regularly to avoid interference with similar devices nearby. As a result, breaking into the house without the remote clicker is almost impossible.

Do I have to install handles on my garage door?

In connection with the operation of manual doors, there is a voluntary standard in the garage door industry where it is required to install handles on garage doors. Since this is voluntary, the homeowner takes full responsibility with the ensuring of proper and safe operation of manually operated doors.

Chain, screw and belt driven openers. What are they?

They are the types of garage door opener options. An opener may use a chain, a screw or a belt to move the mechanism. Chain drive openers are quite noisy as the chain and the sprocket create friction. Screw driven ones are quieter than chain ones but belt driven openers are the quietest as the belt is made of reinforced rubber.

What type of door needs the least maintenance?

Metal garage doors (steel and aluminum) are the best choice when it comes to maintenance. Unlike wood doors where you need to clean, refinish, and repaint them several times during their lifetime, metal door require very minimum upkeep. You can even perform your own garage door maintenance and save hundreds of dollars.